Factors that twist the laws of nature and cause disruption throughout the world.
    When Chaos density is high, the laws of nature are distorted, causing demons, monsters, spirits and the like to appear in this world, which also becomes vulnerable to devastating damage and disasters such as massive wildfires and the release of toxic gases. These are known as Chaos Disasters.


    A symbol that can purge Chaos. The larger in size it grows, the larger and more complex its pattern also becomes. Those who possess Crests are called Lords. Crests are acquired by either defeating the Lord who owns it, or else by receiving one after swearing fealty to a Lord, but it is said that anyone with a strong enough will can conceivably create one out of Chaos. By wielding a Crest’s power, the owner can take advantage of various effects, such as increasing his physical abilities or enhancing his weapons and armor.

  • LORD

    A ruler who carries a Crest within his body, and has received the ranking and authority commensurate with the potency of that Crest. A Lord’s power increases in the following order: Baron, Viscount, Count, Marquis, and Duke, as does the size of the territory he’s granted, although there are also wandering Lords who own no land. While a Lord’s mission is to suppress the Chaos, bring peace to his territory, and happiness to his people, many turn to fighting over each other’s Crests and land in order to gain more authority.

  • MAGE

    Someone with the ability to cast magic spells to alter Chaos, or cause various phenomena at will. A Mage is trained in multiple magical disciplines, and is also well-versed in diverse subjects such as history, military tactics, pharmaceuticals, and so on. Assists the Lord that contracts with him/her.


    Someone who’s acquired incredible physical abilities and superhuman powers by inscribing the power of Chaos onto his own body as "Art." An Artist becomes stronger each time he incorporates Chaos into himself, adding to the pattern, and some Artists have been known to transform into werewolves or vampires.